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In case you’ve missed it… « PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR

Today, back at flat Ontology, and strange mereology. And thanks to RJ for posting this smiler. In case you’ve missed it… « PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR: “” (Via .)

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Patrick Jones, australiam poet kindly posted his doctoral+mindmap+1.jpg 1024×747 pixels

and I just couldn’t resist blogging about it, for the sheer joy and relief that we are sharing such things. Cheesy? Toasty? Crumbling with bread? Well, perhaps the ontological biscuit has crumbled the se-ontological bread a bit recently, but my … Continue reading

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A littel Bit of Dover Humour to relaypse the intensity of the Moment

Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō U.S. Environmental Group Says Canada’s Boreal Forest Is The Earth’s ‘Water Keeper’ « Taupo Webcam, Taupo Accommodation and Attractions, New Zealand Halema‘uma‘u Overlook Vent a lone saxsophonist plays a sombre note. A chord chant relishes its own sound. … Continue reading

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Sampling Nathan Myhrvold

First note to the reader: You can sample HERE this awesome collection of VOLCANO WEBCAMS. Second note to the reader: “the following quotation is via Freakanomics which looks particularly good nd well worth subsequent visits….. “It doesn’t seem fair that one … Continue reading

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weird ICe-greenlandic Polar Bear artist captures molten Lava Lampy photo effect of Mie scattering in Packed Glacial Ice Is Okay in Greenland

This link Freakonomics » Eating Polar Bears Is Okay in Greenland is where I found the photograph of artist-writer  Nathan Myhrvold  GUEST appearing, 2008. our third and final guest post from the very polymathic Nathan Myhrvold. The first two were Icelandic travelogues; this one takes us to Greenland. It … Continue reading

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