Rheotomic Surfaces « Space Symmetry Structure

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Rheotomic Surfaces « Space Symmetry Structure: “Modern knowledge of these surfaces owes a great deal to the work of the mathematical giants Riemann and Gauss. Their ideas of manifolds and curvature have fundamentally changed some of our ways of thinking about space, and play an important part in Einstein’s theories of relativity. If an architecture is to express a worldview then it seems natural to seek an architecture which embodies some of these ideas.

One area of mathematics which has advanced dramatically since the advent of computers is the study of minimal surfaces (surfaces with zero mean curvature, as approximated by soap films) .

The newfound ability to visualize these surfaces has enabled the discovery of many beautiful new examples. Their appearance can provoke a fascinating sense of solid/void dichotomy.


Costa Minimal Surface from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.

Incremental Drift on the Riemann Sphere (HD) from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.



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I'm a writer who has come out on the side of R. Pirsig. I think that QUALITY is best left undefined but I am glad Pirsig defined it, and I think that the first division of Metaphysics is better when cleaved into DYNAMIC and STATIC, instead of subject-object metaphysics. I think he's also right about the Victorians AND the EUROPEAN-INDIAN CONFLICT OF VALUES, which involves everyone these days.
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