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Rheotomic Surfaces « Space Symmetry Structure

absolutely awesome blog! Rheotomic Surfaces « Space Symmetry Structure: “Modern knowledge of these surfaces owes a great deal to the work of the mathematical giants Riemann and Gauss. Their ideas of manifolds and curvature have fundamentally changed some of our … Continue reading

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In the Interests of Compression

Robert at Algorithm and Contingency / ZIP publishing . Here’s my thoughts on that object: Tim quite rightly addresses poetry and talks about the same object here:Ecology without Nature: Art as Compression

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Eco-tone for the first time

Eco-tone for the first time: “” (Via .) so it came from the margins did it? from the very neolithic forms of gathering. Good to know, “margins are best.” first thought best thought~though not necessarily in that order. dilythium crystal … Continue reading

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“My Morning Began 2” fron-with The other diagrams: The Four Tension

The diagrams: “” (Via.) and how (to recap) in 1994, 1997 I had gone to the desert, whereas now (2011) I go to the HERE: “the Eidos” coming to me that what with the teacher’s STRIKE and the RAIL HIKES … Continue reading

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The diagrams “allure”

i like this one. It is dynamic, a bit more interesting. There’s something going on here. It speaks to the title of the RCA conference paper that Tim gave, and to the upcoming Quadruple Object. All well and good. Especially … Continue reading

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Graham Harman and Michael Dlower’s “The diagrams”

I’m glad Harman made mention of Feynman. And I’m also disquieted by the post about the uncanny. and translation. I think that’s where personal bio ends and now the dialogue continues: Tou can see that this looks like a building … Continue reading

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thanlyphopkins was once written off as a seedless poet. In today’s Zamelekian Times, autoca;yptically hinting that critique of correlationism is least interesting. great interview of Harman this morning, eclipsed by eclipse RCA and RA Events as well as actual eclipse … Continue reading

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JUICY New Post From Morton: Without Nature = ?

“Juicy That New Post From Morton?” mate. I did. What a cracker. We were at Saf Ken when it happened. Someone from the Geog Soc mentioned the Apple. I thought of Leebniz, and then the penny dropped. “Ah, so that’s … Continue reading

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The Hyp-Ur Object Object-Document

The Hyp-Ur Object Object-Document: ” a/m. It remains to be seen what Derrida said about speech . It is not the true object, although it certainly feels like it as I stand here alone at midnight in the bus lane … Continue reading

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‘fuck all is learned by the experiment that proves things exist in two places at once’ and Peter Falk RIP/Thoughts on Composition.competition – JLIAT Deconstructing_a_sine_wave_part_4

YouTube – JLIAT Deconstructing_a_sine_wave_part_4: “” (Via .) Some sort of cat woke me up bells ringing purring a black and white objective in my mind’s eye: get me out of here, the Cat screams, I quibble. Fair enough. Yoou win. … Continue reading

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