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Being’s Poem: Correspondence With Ray Brassier: On Sellars, Sensation and Conception

Thanks Daniel Sacilotto for sending me this: Being’s Poem: Correspondence With Ray Brassier: On Sellars, Sensation and Conception: “Note the irony: while all that is required for the philosophy of mind is to render explicit what is implicit in the manifest … Continue reading

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An Object Oriented Essay: ‘The Contruct Velasquez, In the Name of weirdness’

“I propose a philosophy with no radix,” says radix….surface….torn asunder…..a polarized philosophy…” in the hesitation between existence and esence”

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In the Interests of Compression

Robert at Algorithm and Contingency / ZIP publishing . Here’s my thoughts on that object: Tim quite rightly addresses poetry and talks about the same object here:Ecology without Nature: Art as Compression

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Eco-tone for the first time

Eco-tone for the first time: “” (Via .) so it came from the margins did it? from the very neolithic forms of gathering. Good to know, “margins are best.” first thought best thought~though not necessarily in that order. dilythium crystal … Continue reading

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YouTube – Mathematics of Juggling

“it’s easy in maths to go to other dimensions”…. in juggling, says the Professor, maybe that’s not the case. YouTube – Mathematics of Juggling: “” (Via .) “anything sufficiently well understood….there should be a mathmatics of the thing” i’m not … Continue reading

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Strling Numbers mate! (attempting probability theory and juggling

it’s a simple question really: how much more complex is five ball juggling vs three? i suppose because the parameters are endless it’s infinitely more complex and the same complexity. in practice I went with the latter option and presumed, … Continue reading

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(F+D)H=(V+D)N, where F is the time a ball spends in the air The Mathematics of Juggling

Shannon’s theorem(F+D)H=(V+D)N, where F is the time a ball spends in the air The Mathematics of Juggling: “” (Via.) see “Coupled Oscillators and Biological Synchronization,” by Steven H. Strogatz and Ian Stewart; SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, December 1993]. Magnus?? “Markov.” Meet Sterling … Continue reading

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