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Sampling Nathan Myhrvold

First note to the reader: You can sample HERE this awesome collection of VOLCANO WEBCAMS. Second note to the reader: “the following quotation is via Freakanomics which looks particularly good nd well worth subsequent visits….. “It doesn’t seem fair that one … Continue reading

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weird ICe-greenlandic Polar Bear artist captures molten Lava Lampy photo effect of Mie scattering in Packed Glacial Ice Is Okay in Greenland

This link Freakonomics » Eating Polar Bears Is Okay in Greenland is where I found the photograph of artist-writer  Nathan Myhrvold  GUEST appearing, 2008. our third and final guest post from the very polymathic Nathan Myhrvold. The first two were Icelandic travelogues; this one takes us to Greenland. It … Continue reading

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