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“Inspiring Comments” We’ll meet you on 5 dash 3. NASA – NASA TV

NASA – NASA TV: “” (Via .) cheers and thankyou for watchng this five dash 8 rad reconfig of an affirmative. Atlamtis is Home. A monet in hisstory to be savoured. Did my brain the world of good:

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“closed loop guidance” NASA – NASA TV

somewhere near Naples Florida a lot of people are watching…. NASA – NASA TV: “” (Via .) initiation f dissipation of excess energy….. “too right”

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“Dude have yous seen my socks?” NASA – NASA TV

Sandy and her socks! It made me laugh. her pink toes encapsuled by the camera, a laugh over the antennae, the riveting of the day yet to be done. Ph Sandy, you made me laugh, you and your bubbles and … Continue reading

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