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as we’ve already decided that caustation IS the really IS the key

then what? nothing? of course not nothing! causation is all over the place (is that a statement of fact, truth or intention?). Anyway…i’ve been riled by buddhist and buddhism enough in the past to drop it as a subject (the … Continue reading

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prime ministers who painted

Even a cursory search shows Churchill as the exception rather than the rule. Type in the question,’ Which Prime Minister’s painted?’ into Google and you get this. Questions about what colour the door of Downing street, the use of the … Continue reading

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Eco-Phenomenology: “Some Tropes Are Better Than Others”

HERE. Tim Morton’s “Rice Grad Class on OOO and Speculative Realism” in which the Peter Remus Pinball Event is discussed at length as well as Graham Harman’s Prince of Networks (p,170-173) GH: “Philosophy as only deductive argument must be rejected.” … Continue reading

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continent III- hydrogeny

As well as fascinating essays by Harman and Morton, an extraordinary installation called HYDROGENY captures the spirit of something I can’t quite name. Also in this issue: The Fragment as a Unit of Prose Composition Maggie Nelson, Evan Lavender-Smithawesome.thanks everybody.

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Just Bikes

Here’s how it started, with a puncture. And that is nearly how it ended, but I couldn’t resist putting a part back on:I must admit, this transformation of bike back into a flying machine surprised even me. Tassles and summer … Continue reading

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“HASTINGS DUDE. HAVE YOU SEEN MY BUILDING? (N.o but I bet it’s not in The Art Deco District in Miami at Frommer’s!)

The Art Deco District in Miami at Frommer’s: “‘You know what they used to say? ‘Who’s Art?” recalls Art Deco revivalist Dona Zemo. ‘You’d say, ‘This is an Art Deco building,’ and they’d say, ‘Really, who is Art?’ These people … Continue reading

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Artist, Salvador Vaz Pinto-Junho de 2011, Exhibition

Thanks Salvador & Lucas. “Hey buddy. Yr Looking Good” YouTube – ‪If I Had An Art Collection‬‏: “” (Via.) i’m thinking about ecologies of philosophy, and “melancholic coexistence amongst objects” (see Paul ennis, dept Philos. Dublin). I don’t see melancholia … Continue reading

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